Hello Everyone!

EZ DOG has moved to Word Press. We are just hanging around trying some new things and anxious to learn as much as we can about whatever we want!

Many changes have had a great impact on EZ DOG Training in the least year. Dear Rennie, “Mr EZ DOG” left us in August 2016. He was 15 1/2 years old and was ready for the next adventure. I miss him as well as the many hearts he touched during his tenure. He had been retired for a couple of years, coming out of retirement every once in awhile. to help when needed.

My heart, Fiona, succumbed to Hermangiosarcoma in November. She was diagnosed in September during a vet visit for X-rays of her back and legs. A large tumor was discovered on her spleen. We decided to let her live the rest of her time with us as she always did every day for 10 years – playing ball, visiting the beach, and just being her happy, bouncy self. My heart still aches for her, but she is with so many that love her and will care for her until we meet agin.

That brings me to Caldonia, my 32 lbs. of English Shepherd dy-no-mite! She is almost 4 years old and is always on the go and wants a job! So, we are Job Hunting For Caldonia. We will keep you posted.

EZ DOG officially shut down in  June 2016 for personal reasons and so that I could devote the time to my dogs that I have for others since July 2004. I cannot thank my family, friends, colleagues, and m most importantly ALL MY CLIENTS who really made EZ DOG successful!

Well, since I missed my true passion – working with dogs and watching them learn – I am fortunate to have a wonderful friend and colleague, Marissa Corbett, Owner at Above & Beyond Dog Training  , Mt. Holly, NJ, where you will find Caldonia and I!

Currently we are teaching Group Classe on Tuesday and Thursday at 12:00 pm. Please visit the above link for more info. Also, when I signed up with clients, I told you I would always be around as a resource for you and your dog. I am still here.